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Restaurant Laundry Services Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & South Wales

 JEH Laundry Services provide first class laundry services to a wide range of restaurants throughout Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & South Wales. Our restaurant linen hire range has an extensive choice of sizes, colours and finishes, all designed to give the perfect finish to any restaurant.

From the chef’s whites, to the table cloths and napkins, you want every aspect of your restaurant to look fantastic. That is where JEH Laundry Services step in: we supply a high quality catering laundry service at an affordable price.

JEH Laundry Services working for you

The team at JEH Laundry Services understand that running a restaurant is a complex task, they know and understand the restaurants business and can help you get the most from your linen rental and laundry service. 

We want to support you in any way we can. That means that we are always flexible, if you want something extra just let us know and we’ll be there for you.

Unscheduled visits are never a problem for us, so you can carry on without any worries.

Never compromising on quality

Our restaurant linen supply and catering laundry services may amaze you with their affordability, but we never compromise on quality. JEH Laundry Services monitor every item, and nothing leaves the facility until it is stain free and looks perfect.

Because you are an individual

JEH Laundry Services don’t care how large or small your business is, all we care about is providing you with a tailor-made service that works perfectly. We take the time to get to know you, and to find out how we can take the stress out of your laundry services.

Contact Us

To find out more about the commercial laundry and linen services we offer, contact us today on 01594 810 868 and let us know how we can provide the services that you need.

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