Environmently Friendly Laundry and Linen Service

Looking after the Environment

At JEH Laundry Services we try as hard as we can to ensure our cleaning and laundry services are as environmentally sustainable as possible. Although, of course, cleaning and laundry services use energy and involve the use of some chemicals, we make every effort to minimise the impact on our environment.

Recycled Packaging

We aim to recycle all of our plastic packaging and hangers. Please leave packaging and hangers from previous orders in with your next order for us to collect and recycle.

Modern Machinery

Our modern machines and super-efficient filters mean we minimise the energy, water and chemicals needed to clean your products properly.

Always adapting...

JEH Laundry are constantly researching and implementing new methods to ensure all our operations are as environmentally efficient and effective as possible. Since 2014 our laundry has saved 33% of the water used per kg of work processed. We have also reduced the fuel used by 30% and electricity savings of 22% reducing the impact on the environment.

Heat recovery

JEH Laundry Services use equipment to recover the waste of heat to heat the premises.

Water recovery

JEH Laundry has invested in a mixture of stand-alone water recovery systems such as a system at the premises that recycles 40% of the water used. 

Contact Us

To find out more about the commercial laundry and linen services we offer, contact us today on 01594 810 868 and let us know how we can provide the services that you need.

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