JEH Laundry Services – Gloucestershires Professional Commercial Laundry Service Provider

 JEH Laundry Services are a Gloucestershire based Laundry service provider offering professional and affordable Laundry services to the commercial market in Gloucester, Worcestershire and South Wales.

JEH Laundry Services specialise in helping Hotels, Restaurants and Businesses in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and South Wales with their Laundry services for things such as Hotel Linen and Workwear.

Why choose JEH Laundry Services

First Class Finish Of Product 

Class Leading Customer Services

Delivery & Collection Deadlines Delivered!

Courtesy and Attention To Your Requirements

To Go That Extra Mile For You

Wet Cleaning


Latest News

5 tips to reduce hotel laundry costs

5 tips to reduce hotel laundry costs

By the time you finish reading this, we know you’ll be as convinced as we are that outsourcing is how to reduce hotel laundry costs, as well as save time, energy and valuable resources. Large-scale professional laundry services build their businesses on their ability...

Buying considerations for table linen rental

Buying considerations for table linen rental

Thread Count Many people are deceived into thinking that the higher the thread count, the better the table linen. This is not always the case because different types of table linen require different thread counts to produce the finished product. The term refers to the...

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We wanted to bring you a fresh new modern website letting people know what services we offer, but more importantly a website that allowed us to let people know about our latest news! We will continue to keep adding our news so please come...

Contact Us

To find out more about the commercial laundry and linen services we offer, contact us today on 01594 810 868 and let us know how we can provide the services that you need.

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Find us at:

JEH Laundry Services
The New Building
Unit 1-3
Ellwood Rd
Forest of Dean
GL16 7LE



Phone: 01594 810 868

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Wet Cleaning Service For Residential & Commercial Customers

Wet Cleaning is like dry cleaning, but offers better results and is more environmentally friendly

What can be cleaned with JEH Laundry Services Wet Cleaning Service

  • Fragile or Synthetic Garments
  • Linen And Cotton
  • Cashmere And Other Fine-Haired Wools
  • Denim, Leather And Suede
  • Coats And Jackets
  • Lace Clothing
  • Sheepskin
  • Anything With Pleating
  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Wedding Dresses
  • UGG Boots
  • Silks & Sarees
  • Leather & Suede Bags & Accessories