Choosing a linen supplier isn’t a process that should be rushed. The company you choose will be responsible for supplying your hotel or venue with a fundamental part of your everyday business – if you don’t have clean linen, you cannot sell your rooms.

Some key things to consider when you are looking for a linen supplier are.


One of the first things to consider when looking at appointing a new linen provider is how reliable they will be. Take note of its size, the locations of its laundries and their operational capacities. JEH Laundry Services have a fully efficient operation based in Chepstow, and can provide high quality Linen Rentals to clients in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, South Wales and Bristol. Recently JEH Laundry Services have invested heavily into top of the range machinery to improve the quality of services we currently offer.

Customer service

Knowing you’re receiving the best possible support and advice is key when you’re investing in a new supplier partnership. JEH Laundry Services have a promise, and part of the promise is to offer first class customer service and take real courtesy and attention to our customers needs an requirements. This is why JEH Laundry Services ensure the customer service offered is nothing short of excellence.

A tailored offering

Another consideration is knowing the full offering of your linen supplier. Offering a range of thread counts, sizes, styles and weights across three core product ranges means that you can tailor the bed and bath linen requirements to the needs of your guests or customers. JEH Laundry Services have a wide range in linen to offer and will always meet our clients needs and requirements no matter the size of the business.

The design offering

Just because linen and towelling is a mandatory part of a guest bedroom and bathroom, it doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. If design is a priority for your hotel, ensure that the linen suppliers you’re considering can supply you with a range of appropriate designs to fit. Whether you’re looking for a traditional plain percale (a closely woven fine cotton fabric) or a contemporary satin stripe, JEH Laundry Services offers a range of linen looks to suit your business’ style.

The thread count of the products

One of the biggest myths surrounding linen is that a high thread count indicates that the product is of a superior quality. Although this stands with domestic linen, this isn’t necessarily true when it comes to a commercial standard. If the linen is made from a mediocre quality cotton, regardless of the thread count, the product will never feel of a high standard. As mentioned in the first point, the products also need to be able to cope with the commercial laundry process without hindering the standard. JEH Laundry Services understand this and offers linen with a range of different thread counts to offer a premium feel to all products while also safeguarding its shelf life.

How the cotton had been sourced

The last thing to consider when choosing a provider is the origin of the cotton used in their products. This will offer you peace of mind that the linen on offer has been ethically sourced and produced. Cotton of a standard that can comfortably withstand the commercial laundry process is vital when looking for value and a quality finish when in situ.


JEH Laundry Services take these 6 key things into consideration with every job, JEH Laundry Services help any size business within Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, South Wales and Bristol with their Linen requirements, contact us today on 01594 810 868 and find out how we can help you with your linen requirements. 

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