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I thought I would take some time to let you know that JEH Laundry Services will continue as always to service the tourism sector without any change. You may or may not be aware that we use a process called OZONE which I can happily inform you that it kills all known bacteria and virus known to man. I cannot legally tell you that it kills this virus, however I have attached a copy of what it kills and also a link to demonstrate that ozone is actually being used in China to sterilise the streets. I thought it was important to pass this information on to you allowing you to relay to your customers and hopefully put their mind at rest. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me or a member of the team for more detail. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a good season and hopefully this will not have to big an impact on our area.

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Ozone (O3) can destroy the SARS coronavirus

For decades Ozone has been used to kill 99%+ of harmful bacteria and viruses. Medical news has reported there are over 17 scientific studies proving Ozone can kill the SARS coronavirus and as the structure of the new coronavirus is almost identical it is expected that Ozone will destroy the new strain.

you can view the facts about Ozone click here

Thank you for your continued business,

JEH Laundry Services

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